A modern digital presence is often key to success. We support you to design and build the perfect solution for you. Company websites, webshops, theme sites for your events or products, … Whatever comes to your mind, we design, implement and run it.

Learn more about how we move step by step from the vision to the final website:

We make it easy for you to add or change content to your page or we even do this for you, so that you can focus on your core business.

Integration of any kind of tool to fit perfectly into your website, is what we do every day.

  • WordPress based websites.
  • Run on modern cloud infrastructure, like DigitalOcean.
  • Concepts, designs, contents and implementation from one single provider.

Web Applications

Automization tools, new digital products, improved company communication, SaaS applications, … You name it, we build it for you!

We develop custom solutions, using the latest technologies to be on the edge of digitalization. Your solution is built to run on modern cloud infrastructure to have full control of the cost and to be ready to scale your business at any time.

We take over full responsibility, from ideation and design, to implementation and introduction of your custom solution.

  • State-of-the-art technologies, like Kotlin in the backend and Vue.JS, React.JS or Angular in the frontend.
  • Latest cloud infrastructure from DigitalOcean, AWS or Azure.
  • Using open source tools and libraries to avoid additional license cost. | Home

Let's get to work

Our experts are happy to start with your new project. | Home


Your daily business is taking all of your time away from caring about innovation? We support you with our broad knowledge and our capacities to bring your software development to the next level. Modern software development environments should be transparent, modularly built with short development cycles and equipped with clear processes.

  • Improve your software development process to use or improve agile methodologies.
  • Reduce time-to-market having a continuous delivery based development and deployment process.
  • Defining a strategy for your software development, defining and introducing architecture and technology guidelines.

Staff Leasing

We help with your short-, mid- or long-term leasing of specialist in all roles of software development in order to get enough capacities to finish your projects in time. Adding missing skills to your team by hiring the experienced specialist you need for a certain time is key to successful software projects.

  • Software developers and architects to boost your technical capacities and knowledge.
  • Requirements engineers and test managers to always know what to do and if it has been done the right way.
  • Scrum masters or project managers to facilitate and plan the work of all team members by bringing in their expertise.

What our customers say

Christoph Ramseier

Mit Newsroom Technologies hatte die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Parodontologie SSP den idealen Partner gefunden.  Ein durch und durch starkes Team bei Newsroom Technologies hatte uns bei der Realisierung des jetzt modernen Erscheinungsbildes unter unterstützt.  In nur wenigen Monaten war das neue Website hergestellt mit einem zusätzlich passwortgeschützten Bereich, der nur für die Mitglieder der SSP zugänglich ist.  Weil Newsroom Technologies und ihre Schwesterfirma Newsroom Communications Hand in Hand zusammengehen, ist es uns zusätzlich möglich, jetzt auch die Kompetenzen der Newsroom Communications optimal einzubeziehen, damit die gesamt Schweizer Bevölkerung erreicht werden kann mit der Botschaft «Gesundes Zahnfleisch ist Lebensqualität».

Christoph Ramseier

PD Dr. med. dent.,Vorstand SSP

Chantal Schweizer Bourqui

Ihre Unterstützung war wertvoll und von super Qualität, die Zusammenarbeit effizient und unkompliziert!

Chantal Schweizer Bourqui

Geschäftsführerin vks Vereinigung der Schiffahrtsämter