From the idea to the finished website

The website of a company: the business card and an indispensable tool to address future customers.

For the realisation of the set goals and wishes, a partner is needed who understands them and can also implement them.

Today's websites should meet a variety of requirements: an appealing design, well-structured, informative content, target group-oriented, search engine optimised and of course as user-friendly as possible for the editor.

To meet these needs, the collaboration of different actors is required. Programmers, UX UI designers, media specialists for photography and video, copywriters and illustrators work hand in hand to realise the desired vision.

Newsroom Technologies is the ideal partner for successful implementation. In cooperation with Newsroom Communication, we can cover all the required competences from a single source and in a coordinated manner.

This enables us to supply the customer with a product that has been developed and realised jointly and uniformly.

With our proven concept, we get to the new website in six steps.

6 steps to a new website

1. Vision & Strategy

In a workshop we define the vision and goals of the website together. Target groups to be reached are defined and the first structure of the website is created with the sitemap. In the process, possible tools such as newsletters, calendars or webshops that are to be integrated into the site are also recorded.

After this step, the scope of the project is defined and recorded in a concept.

2. Layout & Content

The layout is created and selected together. Contents and the graphic structure are defined together.

A captivating text, as well as photos, videos, graphics and animations are important elements to arouse the interest of the customers. For this purpose, existing content can be adopted or new content can be created on request.

This step is important so that there is a uniform concept across the entire website and the creation of the design and the content required for it can proceed as optimally as possible.

3. Design & Prototyp

A complete design of the website is created. We are happy to do this ourselves or together with a favoured partner.

It is also defined for which devices the website should be optimised. Responsive design, especially for mobile devices, is of great importance nowadays.

In this step, a prototype of the website is created so that a first impression of the final product can be gained.

4. Development & Test

We implement the website according to the defined design. We are happy to do this in close cooperation with the customer so that we can react to change requests at an early stage.

Für die Umsetzung nutzen wir je nach Anforderung TYPO3 oder WordPress – den Marktführer unter den CMS. Je nach Komplexität des Projektes machen wir dies auf verschiedenen Stages, wie in einer Test- und einer Produktionsumgebung.

5. Editing & SEO

As soon as the site or even just parts of it exist, the content can be filled in. This can be supplied by the client or we can procure appropriate specialists for the creation, such as our partners from Newsroom Communication.

At the same time, we optimise the findability and indexability of the website. SEO but also analytics are important to check the visibility of the website.

6. Maintenance & Support

Smaller and larger adjustments and optimisations are part of the life cycle of a website.

We take care of the hosting of the website and all technical issues so that our customers do not have to worry about plugin updates or DNS configurations.

What our customers say

Christoph Ramseier

Mit Newsroom Technologies hatte die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Parodontologie SSP den idealen Partner gefunden.  Ein durch und durch starkes Team bei Newsroom Technologies hatte uns bei der Realisierung des jetzt modernen Erscheinungsbildes unter unterstützt.  In nur wenigen Monaten war das neue Website hergestellt mit einem zusätzlich passwortgeschützten Bereich, der nur für die Mitglieder der SSP zugänglich ist.  Weil Newsroom Technologies und ihre Schwesterfirma Newsroom Communications Hand in Hand zusammengehen, ist es uns zusätzlich möglich, jetzt auch die Kompetenzen der Newsroom Communications optimal einzubeziehen, damit die gesamt Schweizer Bevölkerung erreicht werden kann mit der Botschaft «Gesundes Zahnfleisch ist Lebensqualität».

Christoph Ramseier

PD Dr. med. dent.,Vorstand SSP

Chantal Schweizer Bourqui

Ihre Unterstützung war wertvoll und von super Qualität, die Zusammenarbeit effizient und unkompliziert!

Chantal Schweizer Bourqui

Geschäftsführerin vks Vereinigung der Schiffahrtsämter

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